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1. Home            
    1-1. Application/Nomination Announcements        
    1-2. Lastest Significant Discovery        
    1-3. International Academic Research Award and Privilege        
    1-4. Other Academic Research Award and Privilege        
    1-5. Significant Research Achievements 1-5-1. Publications of Significant Research Achievements    
        1-5-2. Academic Publication List    
        1-5-3. Statistical Analysis of Papers    
    1-6. Related Links 1-6-1. Academic On-line Service System, Academia Sinica    
        1-6-2. Research Archive System, Academia Sinica    
        1-6-3. Database of Academic Research Award    
2. Central Academic Advisory Commitee            
    2-1. Instroduction        
    2-2. Organization        
3. Central Advisory Committee and Office of Academic Affairs and Instrument Service            
    3-1. Academic Affiars 3-1-1. About Us 3-1-1-1. Instroduction
            3-1-1-2. Organization
            3-1-1-3. Member
            3-1-1-4. Related Laws & Regulations
            3-1-1-5. Frequently Asked Question(s)
        3-1-2. Academic Research Award 3-1-2-1. Junior Research Investigators Award
            3-1-2-2. Scholarty Monograph Award in the Humanities and Social Sciences
        3-1-3. Subsidiary Programs 3-1-3-1. Thematic Research Program
            3-1-3-2. Sustainability Science Research Projects
            3-1-3-3. Career Development Award
            3-1-3-4. Academia Sinica Investigator Award
        3-1-4. Talent Development 3-1-4-1. Postdoctoral Fellows Program
            3-1-4-2. Program between AS and Elite American Universities / Research Institutes
            3-1-4-3. Fellowships for Doctoral Candidates in the Humanities and Social Sciences
            3-1-4-4. Taiwan Tech Trek
        3-1-5. Academic Exchange and Cooperation 3-1-5-1. Short-term Visiting Program for Domestic Scholars
            3-1-5-2. Recruitment of Advisors, Specialists and Scholars
        3-1-6. Newly Established Joint Programs 3-1-6-1. Academia Sinica Research Program on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
            3-1-6-2. Neuroscience Program in Academia Sinica
            3-1-6-2. Innovative Translational Agricultural Research Program
        3-1-7. Human Subject Research Ethics, Academia Sinica    
    3-2. Instrument Service        


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