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最新公告 The Second Session of the 2018 Postdoctoral Scholars Program Accepts Applications from January 15th to March 1st, 2018

The second session of the 2018 Postdoctoral Scholars Programs at Academia Sinica accepts applications from January 15th to March 1st, 2018. All applications will be accepted and processed online. For more information on the program, please go to: http://db3n2u.sinica.edu.tw/~textdb/program

Eligibility for potential postdoctoral scholars:

  1. Academia Sinica Postdoctoral Scholars (Distinguished): Applicants with their PhD conferred after July 2014
  2. Postdoctoral Scholars (Regular): Applicants with their PhD conferred after July 2012
  3. Female applicants who gave birth after receiving their PhD are given a two-year grace period for the timeframes specified above.

Applicants from the Divisions of Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Life Sciences should indicate the type(s) of scholars they intend to apply for. Applicants from the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences need not specify the type of scholars as it will be decided by the review committee.

Applicants who have not received their PhD by the application deadline must obtain a confirmation letter from their doctoral advisor stating that their PhD degree will be conferred prior to the appointment date. The appointment period of the Second session of the 2018 Postdoctoral Fellows Program will be from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2020.

Applicants who apply for the Academia Sinica Postdoctoral Scholar (Distinguished) and applicants from the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences are required to submit a proposal detailing the goal, significance, background, methodology, and anticipated accomplishments of their research projects. Proposals lacking these aspects may result in adverse outcomes when reviewed.

The applicants must make sure that the application from their principle investigator (PI) and three letters of recommendation are submitted to the Department of Academic Affairs and Instrument Service (DAAIS) before the application deadline.

During the appointment period, a postdoctoral scholar should comply with the regulations stipulated by the Academia Sinica Personnel Office as well as the requirements and instructions of his/her sponsoring PI and host institute. For information on the rights and responsibilities of a postdoctoral fellow at Academia Sinica, please go to http://hro.sinica.edu.tw/cbemployee/cbemployee.html. In addition, a postdoctoral scholar will be required to sign an employment contract and a declaration stating that he/she is not the spouse, a relative by blood or a relative by marriage of the head(s) of the employing organization, institute, the sponsoring PI or co-PI.

For any inquiries and questions, please contact the following staff members at DAAIS.
For the Division of Mathematics and Physical Sciences: Ms. Ching-Cheng Tseng (Tel: 886-2-2789-9386; Email: chincheng@gate.sinica.edu.tw)
For the Division of Life Sciences: Ms. Mei-Hsiu Michelle Chien (Tel: 886-2-2789-9676; Email: mhchien@gate.sinica.edu.tw)
For the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences: Mr. Yu Hang (Tel: 886-2-2789-8067; Email: yuhang6875@gate.sinica.edu.tw)


Academia Sinica (AS), the most eminent national research institution in Taiwan, provides a well-developed research environment for about 600 postdoctoral fellows.  Each year, we offer a favourable research opportunity for both domestic and international postdoctoral researchers. Candidates can easily find their fields of interests in versatile areas of mathematics and physical sciences, life sciences, humanities and social sciences at AS.

Postdoctoral Fellows Program at AS consists of Academia Sinica Postdoctoral Fellows and (Regular) Postdoctoral Fellows.  Both fellowships provide US$ 23,830 to US$ 34,350 as base annual salary (the exact amount is determined by candidate’s qualification).

This is a full-time research position.  The initial appointment is on a 2-year term (with an annual contract), renewable based on satisfactory performance review and funding availability.


Position Title

Postdoctoral Fellow


Qualifications and Subsidies

  • Academia Sinica Postdoctoral Fellows:
    • PhD degree obtained within last 4 years from local or foreign universities; outstanding record of publications; evidence of excellence in independent research.
    • Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship provides air fares and additional US$ 4,500 as research expenditure (for overseas conferences, laboratory equipment etc.).
  • (Regular) Postdoctoral Fellows:
    • PhD degree obtained within last 6 years from local or foreign universities; outstanding record of publications.
    • Regular Postdoctoral Fellow may obtain additional subsidy after negotiation with the sponsoring Principal Investigator.

Materials to be Submitted

Application materials and credentials are submitted online.  Applicants will be guided step by step to provide materials such as a letter of agreement from the sponsoring principal investigator, a copy of diploma, a full curriculum vitae, a research plan, reprints of publications, and 3 letters of recommendation. 

Applications for different fields of study or different fellowships will be required to provide different materials.  For details, please refer to our application website


Application Procedure

I. Applicant must first contact our Principal Investigators (PIs) directly.

There are 31 institutes or centers at Academia Sinica. Visit the following websites in your field of interest to identify potential PIs whose research team you would like to join. Write to the prospective PI directly to state your interest and intention of application.

II. Complete the Online Application: http://db3n2u.sinica.edu.tw/~textdb/program

Postdoctoral research program is open for application twice a year: the first round between 1st August and 1st September, the second round between 15th January and 1st March.  Please read the Guidelines for Postdoctoral Fellows Program at Academia Sinica for detailed regulations.

【Chart】Acceptance Rage
- Evaluation Form for Postdoctoral Fellows
Past Awardees
For further inquires, please contact
Division of Mathematics and Physical Sciences Ms. Chin-Cheng Tseng at 886-2-2789-9386 or chincheng@gate.sinica.edu.tw
Division of Life Sciences Ms. Mei-Hsiu Michelle Chien at 886-2-2789-9676 or mhchien@gate.sinica.edu.tw
Division of Humanities and Social Sciences Mr. Yu Hang at 886-2-2789-8067 or yuhang6875@gate.sinica.edu.tw


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